Malcolm The Duck

Malcolm Duck

welcome to my new website!

I know…. but it’s the beginning of my new journey, so bounce back in, and you will see it develop …….. 

After 19 years at Ducks In, Fiona and I finished our journey there on the 22nd of September, 2023 …. we don’t really know what’s next. Except  …… we will be off for October.

Fiona will ease back, but I am keen to stay involved in Hospitality and Golf Tourism … I have a few ideas which will evolve over the next while.

We move into a new house in Aberlady in mid-December and will have a couple of spare rooms if the wind blows you this way ….

Meanwhile, a massive thanks to all the folks at Ducks in who have made it what it is, especially Ros Sloan, who was there from the beginning …..

And to my family, Fiona, Michele and Malcolm Og in the picture behind the bar ….. you have been fantastic …… both kids started work at Ducks Inn when they were 14 years old.

Thank you all …….

Let the journey begin …..

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